Why Parallel Income? (a.k.a. Passive Income)

You work hard, really hard! I know!

Some of you are in 9-5 jobs, some of you might be self-employed, running businesses, studying or managing your home. While money is certainly NOT a solution to all the problems, but it sure makes life comfortable for yourselves & your loved ones.

While your current day job or business earns you your primary source of income; as the legendary Warren Buffet says – it’s vital to have at least 5 sources of income for a true financial freedom!

Parallel income / Passive income is essential if you’re looking for financial freedom. To give yourselves and your loved ones the life they deserve, the luxury they’d like! But building your very FIRST source of parallel income, especially online could be taxing, tiring and outrightly frustrating. But it need not be that way. Especially, in today’s era, you can work from the comfort of your home, in your own free time, on niches that you love!

So, let’s begin the wonderful journey of building your very first source of online income 🙂

About Me

Hi, I am Rupa Patil. (A Certified Trainer, Coach & Freedompreneur)
I am on a MISSION to help 10,000 people live a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE. 
To help them build their FIRST (or Next) Passive Income within 60-90 days!

This site is dedicated to help all those who are looking at building parallel income streams | Passive Income streams

Because you & your loved ones DESERVE a Freedom Lifestyle.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a total newbie or you’re a veteran, here you’ll find GREAT content, courses, webinars and funnels that will help you get started with your very first or your next source of parallel income.

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